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Tom Magliaro

For over 40 years, Tom and his staff provide their clients with an exceptional hair replacement remedy for premature hair loss.

What We Do

Tom Magliaro's Hair Additions has been serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Tom and his staff of specialists provide their clients with exceptional hair replacement remedies for premature hair loss. We offer unique solutions for every type of hair loss; from laser therapy that can salvage and regenerate existing hair follicles to site specific hair integration. Using state of the art technology, we are dedicated to finding not only the best solution for your specific hair loss situation – but a solution that will also fit best into your lifestyle and daily routine.

How We Started

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Magliaro began his business as the result of a personal quest. His own hair began to thin and recede when he was only 21 and in college; the situation began to worsen during his first year as an elementary school teacher and continued to progress after. Destined for extremely premature balding, Magliaro experimented and explored all available enhancement avenues, including a hair transplant at age 23 and a number of unacceptable toupees. It was these unsuccessful attempts at restoring his own hair which ultimately led to the creation of the company.

Today, Tom Magliaro’s is a recipient for the “National Salon of the Year” award; the company services an average of 55 clients daily, from college students to school teachers to many Houston notables, each person dealing with their own hair loss story.

More About Tom Magliaro

A victim of hair loss himself, compassion for his clients comes naturally to Magliaro. Tom is known to donate his time, products and services for children and adult patients undergoing chemotherapy at Texas Children's Hospital, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, and many other notable hospital centers in our community and in the Houston surrounding areas. Tom and his team have also built many outreach programs to help spread awareness and education on medically related hair loss.

Marvin Zindler’s Angel – Magliaro’s talents and generosity have led him to become one of ABC's "Marvin Zindler's Angels.” Being one of Tom’s closest friends, Marvin Zindler would work closely with Tom to help those suffering from hair loss. Since they both shared a passion for helping children – Tom still frequently donates hair to young patients at Texas Children’s Hospital and other children suffering from hair loss.

Hair replacement is much more than just a job for Tom Magliaro, it is a true passion he has for helping those in need and changing their life for the better.


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Our Team

Tom Magliaros has a talented team of professionals with a passion for helping others.


Tom's Passion

Tom understands what his clients go through, since his 20's Tom has faced early hair loss and has made it his passion to help others like him.



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